Our Vision

Hikma means wisdom in Arabic and related languages, including biblical Hebrew.

Our Partnership includes BMB leaders and mission workers with substantial relevant experience.

By ‘research’ we mean both grassroots and academic levels, on issues relevant to believers of Muslim background worldwide.


There is a need to ‘amplify the voice of believers of Muslim background (BMBs) in the global church’, enabling more fruitful discipleship and training for BMBs in the next generations.

We believe there is a need for:

  • 1 Collating and making available existing research. By ‘research’ we mean both grassroots and academic levels, on issues relevant to BMBs worldwide. We have found that valuable research is often stored in disparate locations and hard to access. We want to make this accessible and searchable from one location.
  • 2 Mentoring researchers, writers and creatives. It can be difficult for BMBs to access training without leaving our contexts, and we sometimes find we don’t have access to the contacts needed to develop our ideas or get work published.
  • 3 Facilitating new networks for co-writing and bringing together researchers, writers and creatives. There is a need for discipleship and training resources to be developed by bringing together reflective practitioners from different regions. Equally, there is a huge benefit in sharing the wealth of creative contributions from a range of BMB contexts.
  • 4 Providing publishing pathways and/or assisting BMBs to access publishing pathways, for both traditional publishing and creative content. BMBs need platforms and opportunities to share our insights, work and contributions, and to teach others. Publishing pathways may include ways to make available print media, digital, audio, video and other oral content.
  • 5 Ensuring the global church hears from BMBs, for our contribution to be known, seen and heard – to raise the profile of BMB contributions across the global church. There is a need for research to lead to change in the church, and to the further development of resources to benefit both BMBs ourselves and the global church.

Where to next?

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