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Growing disciples, Primary+ (5+)

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Bible study, Book, Tool


This is a course written for the west, but the course/resource has been adapted for BMB contexts by Christian Workers in Turkey and other places.


Journey Groups are 12 session peer facilitated Christian counselling groups that deal with deep wounds from the past, including trauma as painful as childhood sexual abuse. The goal is to create a safe place where each participant can open the doors they’ve never wanted to, or knew how, to open. Once open and responded to by the group in an accepting way, defensive walls that too often poison healthy relationships come down. Grief and repentance give way to healing, hope and the understanding that we all have wounds and too often react out of our woundedness rather than from our secure position in Christ. Once this is experienced and realised by the participants, they are ready moved to continue to receive God’s grace more fully and extend that grace to those around them. The important ripple effect of these groups is not only the healing and restoration of joy for the participants, but also the ability to themselves create and be such a safe place with others so that the ability to offer grace and understanding to others spreads throughout the church.

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