We seek to match BMBs seeking to research and write with experienced mentors and co-writers.

We believe that BMBs need platforms/opportunities to share their work and teach others. It can still be difficult for BMBs to access academic training without leaving their context, and if so we sometimes find we don’t have access to the contacts need to develop their ideas or get work published. There is a need for pathways for those from oral cultures to learn how to share our research and experiences in a way which is accessible to the wider church.

We launched our mentoring scheme early in 2024, and are currently looking for a part time Co-ordinator to join the team to help us promote andmanage it. Please get in touch to find out more.


Every year thousands of Muslims around the world become followers of Christ in the midst of multiple challenges. The Hikma Partnership is committed to discipleship and we believe that ‘life-on-life’ (deeply relational) mentoring is a key dimension of this process.

We are particularly aware of the experience of isolation, destructive liminality and the internal and external pressures for those who seek to live for Christ in majority-Muslim contexts and from Muslim backgrounds. We know there is a comparative lack of resources available to BMBs, with Christian believers in other streams of the world church. Our Mentors’ Network seeks to meet the need for personal encouragement, academic supervision and wise counsel for BMB’s in this context.

We are looking for mature BMB disciples and ministry leaders, with a proven and tested Christian testimony and a coherent and engaging vision for research or a creative project.

Our vision is to encourage emerging BMB disciples, leaders and practitioners in their thinking, research, writing, creating, innovating and flourishing. Our Mentors’ Network seeks to meet the need for personal encouragement, academic supervision and wise counsel for BMBs working in isolation and under particular internal and expternal pressures.

The role of these mentors is not aimed at replacing local leadership or local church mentoring, but rather to come alongside and support such existing leadership with their experience and wisdom in the context of BMB thinking, research, writing, creating and innovating.

We are looking for mature Christian leaders/ministers, with experience in research, writing or creating (MA or above) AND/OR experience in ministry in the majority Muslim world or among BMBs. If you are interesting in finding out more about this opportunity please get in touch using the Contact form.

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