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This Residential MA Course involves 4 modules on mission, 2 on language, 1 on Islam, 1 on Research methods, then writing a thesis. Run by the Evangelical theological College, Addis Ababa.  It was adapted for the BMB context from Western materials. 


Master of Arts in Christian Muslim Relations

The Master of Arts (MA) in Christian-Muslim Relations prepares practicing missionaries, educators, disciple-makers and researchers for Christian ministry in the Islamic context in Ethiopia and beyond. The program provides professional growth opportunities for Christian workers in the field of Christian-Muslim relations and cross-cultural mission work.

The program may be completed in two to three years. Those students who will come as full-time can complete the program in two years and those who come as part-time can complete the program in three years.

The curriculum for this program provides opportunities for developing knowledge, skills, and disposition in the broad scope of interfaith engagement, Christian apologetics and cross-cultural ministry. These include cross-cultural communication, Islamic history and theology, understanding current trends in Islam, Christian apologetics, principles of planting churches in Islamic context, understanding and interpreting Islamic sources, research methodology and Qur’anic Arabic.

General objectives of the program

The general objectives of the program are as follows:

  • Candidates will acquire an advanced knowledge of Islamic history, theology and practices of Islam and develop the skills for interfaith engagement.
  • Candidates will demonstrate the ability for the proper handling (interpretations) of Islamic sources.
  • Candidates will develop the ability to implement missiological principles in a context of ministry among Muslim communities.
  • Candidates will develop the ability to execute research projects in the areas of Islamic studies, interfaith relations and cross-cultural mission.
  • Candidates will demonstrate the ability to teach Islamic and mission courses in undergraduate programs in theological institutions.
  • Candidates will develop the ability to analyze and critically evaluate the current trends in Islam, and provide appropriate responses to them.

For more information regarding the admissions process, and to download application forms, please visit the admissions page


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