Hikma is a partnership vision

  • 1 To encourage believers from a Muslim background (BMBs) to research about our own stories, issues and perspective as a Christian contribution to our contexts and to the world church
  • 2 To help support research and writing in and for BMB contexts
  • 3 To share this research and writing in BMB contexts and across the world

This research and collaboration will enable more fruitful discipleship and training for those of Muslim background. ‘Writing’ and ‘research’ may include about BMB discipleship issues, perspectives and stories, and be at academic, non-academic and practical levels, both in and for the BMB context.


We encourage and facilitate individual and collective BMB research projects.


We seek to match BMBs seeking to research and write with experienced mentors and co-writers.


We facilitate regional and international gatherings to learn from each other, plan and discuss research and writing via workshops. We will also facilitate theme-related consultations.


We assist BMBs and BMB-focused researchers, thinkers, artists, poets, musicians and writers with finding pathways to publishing and dissemination in multiple formats. We are developing a Hikma Research Library and a series of publishing pathways in multiple formats.

The Hikma Partnership is currently hosted by Word of Life, a UK registered charity, and runs with its own Steering Committee. Hikma is not a mission organisation or a church, but a genuine partnership for mutual resourcing, envisioning, encouragement and support.

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