About us

We are both believers from Muslim background (BMB) leaders and ministers AND experienced mission partners with substantial experience in training and discipling amongst BMBs.

We form a diverse partnership of Christians united in our vision, convictions, beliefs, values and commitment to BMB discipleship.


We generally use ‘BMB’ to emphasise ‘believer’ ahead of background, but are also comfortable with the shorthand ‘MBB’, Muslim-background believer.

We follow the Statement of Faith of the Worldwide Evangelical Alliance (WEA)

As a partnership we may share, use and discuss material which falls outside this doctrinal position. We respect different perspectives. We may sometimes disagree on methods and terminology, but we affirm each other as believers seeking God and his sovereignty in our lives.

Our values:

  • 1 We emphasise discipleship, not just conversion/evangelism
  • 2 We value the global and local church
  • 3 We value the voices, contributions, particular insights and wisdom of BMBs
  • 4 We value both informal (non-academic) and academic research

We are hosted by the UK charity Word of Life, which gives us formal legal covering. Hikma’s finances currently sit with Word of Life, overseen by its trustees.

In September 2021 an interim steering group was appointed by a group of stakeholders gathered in Germany. This interim group nominated a group of core partners to form the first steering group of the Hikma Partnership starting from October 2022.

The Hikma steering group and the Word of Life trustees share the same vision for the world church to hear the voices of BMBs. Warm personal relationships, sustained through occasional interactions, prayer and mutual respect and clear agreement on the respective roles make it possible to work together. A full list of the governance responsibilities of the steering group and trustees was prepared and agreed between them, and is available to partners on request.

Hikma’s small staff team are currently employed by Word of Life, under their staff employment policy. The staff team form part of the working groups (with Partnership members) who run, facilitate or co-ordinate the various activities of the Partnership.


Other founding partners include:

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